Time Machine (2131)

In 2131, Satoshi, anonymous from Heaven Island and a Japanese national, once again brought astonishing breakthroughs to the world by publishing a terrifying paper titled "Time Compression Experiments in the Metaverse."
This paper uncovered the dark magic technology behind the World War Three of 2057 (i.e., the World War First in Metaverse ) and proved through a series of experiments that time compression effects exist in the metaverse.
This immediately sparked great attention from the global media and the public. Everyone knew what this meant, but no one knew what impact such experiments would have on the real world.
  • Would the accelerated flow of time in the virtual world also age you in the real world?
  • Would time compression technology be fairly applied, or would it become a privilege of certain groups?
  • Would time compression technology be used to predict the future?
  • Does time compression have judicial practice significance, in other words, is prisoner serving sentence in Metaverse Prison legally valid?
  • ........
This paper also drew extreme attention from governments around the world. Some countries deployed digital high-frontier (such as the United States, the European Union, China, ASEAN countries, and Middle Eastern countries) have announced strict bans on metaverse time compression experiments. Under global public pressure, Heaven Island also announced that it would not actively develop or promote metaverse scenes with exceptional time effects.