The Rise of Extraterrestrial-Civilization-Relics

The appearance and invisibility of the Phantom of Gulf, along with the activation of its dark matter engine, and triggered faint vibrations in the universe of the same-string dark matter. The infrasound giant waves calling for the same kind from the DC seawave-head soon reached Mount Emei.

Above the Golden Summit of Emei, the legendary Shu Mountain suddenly appeared - a black towering peak over 2,000 meters high and wide.

Tourists on the Emei Golden Summit were shocked and at a loss for words. Then suddenly someone shouted loudly, and the crowd erupted in excitement, taking out their phones to capture the stunning peak above the clouds.

In just an instant, driven by the powerful force of the dark matter engine, Shu Mountain disappeared back into the parallel universe of dark matter. But in that brief moment, a hole appeared in the atmosphere, and reconnaissance satellites from multiple countries in space captured the scene. The existence of Shu Mountain could no longer be hidden, and it was inevitable that it would attract global attention.

On the same day, the Emei Municipal Government received multiple inquiries from society and the media on the hotline. The staff responded quickly, and the following day, the scenic area management committee's website, public announcements from listed companies, and local media such as the Chengdu Business Daily all published clarification messages:

"Yesterday, the Emei Mountain Scenic Area Management Committee, in conjunction with a leading domestic virtual reality technology team, conducted a spectacular holographic three-dimensional virtual reality performance on the Golden Summit, attracting a large number of on-site tourists' attention and admiration. The event achieved the expected effect and caused a massive social response. To avoid unfounded rumors, we hereby clarify the situation."

Soon, the Shu Mountain incident subsided... On the same day, an unidentified mysterious report was sent to China's National Space Administration's CNSA Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Center and was quickly reported to the National Security Bureau's Special Situation Handling Center. Together with representatives from the Central Military Commission, Major General Li Mei immediately activated the immersive holographic conference system and convened an emergency special situation analysis and reporting meeting.

Many years have passed, but at first glance, Major General Li Mei still looks like a young man in white. The powerful aura between his eyebrows makes it impossible to judge his true age.

With the holographic ring on his finger, Li Mei deftly operated the immersive holographic conference system, immediately projecting the intelligence images and slowly saying:

"According to the latest intelligence, a new cube relic has been awakened, codenamed DC SeaWave-Head..."

"We've deciphered the infrasound waves of the DC SeaWave-Head, which partially confirms the authenticity of the intelligence."

This intelligence shattered the long-held illusion of peace on Earth, revealing a shocking situation of extraterrestrial civilization competition intelligence. Signs of extraterrestrial civilization relics activities have been appearing at high frequencies globally, including the Gulf Wave Seawave-Head, the Emei Mountain Shu Mountain, the giant unidentified flying object in Area 51 in the United States, the unidentified regular cube on the back of the moon, and the giant flying object on the surface of the sun...

According to the intelligence information, NASA and the CIA in the United States have currently confirmed over 600 highly suspicious extraterrestrial civilization relic controllers and have launched research on potential extraterrestrial civilization contact. They have also initiated a special host cultivation plan for the fourth type of extraterrestrial civilization contact, with the goal of cultivating national special talents who can deeply contact and even explore fusion with extraterrestrial civilizations, codenamed the "Troy" plan.

The intelligence also shows that more than ten countries worldwide, including Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Finland, have established research institutions in different forms under the name of their governments to study and excavate extraterrestrial civilization relic resources. Countries like the United States with host cultivation plans include at least Japan, Russia, and Australia.

What is most shocking is that precise information about China's top-secret plan is also included in the statistical list of this intelligence. China's reserve capacity for exploring extraterrestrial civilizations ranks second only to that of the United States. It has currently collected and locked over 500 extraterrestrial civilization relic cubes and controller resources, and has pinpointed China's plan to cultivate extraterrestrial civilization contact talents, officially codenamed the "Sealing God List."

The intelligence clearly and accurately reveals that the scale and strategic potential of extraterrestrial civilization relic cubes have been confirmed by some countries' official internal sources. The extraterrestrial civilization relic cubes, also known as DC(DragonCapsule), are becoming strategic resources that countries are competing to obtain. This intelligence is likely to be indiscriminate transmitted to the desks of all heads of state and defense ministers around the world at same time

An unprecedented storm of Earth civilization evolution has quietly begun...