Shadow of heaven

As previously mentioned, Heaven Island emerged in 2035, thanks to the inventor, the young Russian genius Vitas, who was only 29 years old at the time.
Vitas began to gain recognition at the age of 25, but his first paper revealed his terrifying research capabilities. In the following year, he published 12 top-tier SCI papers in nine major fields, including artificial intelligence, ultra-virtual reality, open brain-computer communication protocols, autonomous self-organizing DAO, decentralized virtual economic systems, RWA LOST (Real-World Asset Anchoring Theory), CELL - the smallest self-circulating living unit system, etc., all of which were groundbreaking works. What shocked scientists around the world the most was that this series of papers was the result of the research of a 26-year-old Russian young man in just one year.
A year after Vitas released his groundbreaking series of papers, he initiated the Paradise Metaverse project, which raised a total of 1.09 million BTC from global cryptocurrency investors, setting the record for the largest crypto fundraising in history. After three years of silence, the first fully-realized digital twin metaverse, Heaven Island, was launched and rapidly expanded. In 2050, it launched an invitation to join the Japanese Drifting Plan.
The Japanese military and the Mount Fuji plan had previously launched a secret investigation, suspecting that the dark skull dragoncapsule technology was behind the Heaven Island metaverse. However, due to the rarity of the dark skull dragoncapsule, the Japanese military had limited information, and the investigation was difficult to push forward.
The leaders of the Chinese "Sealing God List" program also paid attention to Heaven Island, and the Chinese extraterrestrial civilization research base possessed a special natural DragonCapsule called "Bing Dun Dun," codenamed "Nuwa." She is a special attribute light magic nature dragon, and a priest dragon of quantum robot dragon and dark skull dragon clan with the summoning power of the DragonCapsule racial arcane universe.
Through Nuwa, the fengshen-bang program decrypted the mysterious power behind Heaven Island and spread the story worldwide quietly. The DragonCapsule extraterrestrial relics were no longer a secret of a few elite leaders...