Wormhole (2140)

"National digital frontiers cannot constrain people's longing for complete freedom in the metaverse, and complete freedom will lead to total darkness."
As a symbiote rider of DC Thunder, Li Mei has a foreboding prediction for the future of the metaverse.
In 2038, at the Chinese research base for extraterrestrial civilizations in the Lop Nur, a latest hacker incident involving the public domain metaverse was causing intense discussions. Someone had used a wormhole to breach the public domain metaverse and three hackers claiming to be from Digital Tokyo had entered the digital twin of the Asian continent, breaking the physics simulation rules of the digital twin earth and reconstructed the Japanese archipelago on the East Asian coastal area, shocking the world.
This meant that the dream-makers had successfully breached the National Digital High-frontier and created new geographical areas in the digital twin of the Earth, a difficulty comparable to generating one million new bitcoins on the classical Bitcoin blockchain network. This posed a devastating threat to the world's second-largest digita了economy - Digital Twin Earth.
Li Mei tapped the silver base of the holographic generator and said slowly, "I believe this wormhole incident is only the beginning. More people will access the public domain metaverse, and the National Digital High-frontier will probably be marginalized. Overlapping metaverses like the Dark Metaverse will become popular."
"This is a super-dimensional attack, maybe launched from the hidden Dark DragonCapsule Rider. Such technology is similar to the Russian Heaven Island... It means that the digital frontier is no longer safe."
A quantum encryption light wave from Lop Nur was transmitted in real-time via the space-time quantum link to the CNSA extraterrestrial civilization research center.
Li Mei issued a first-level combat report: "Theability to breach digital wormholes and create digital islands out of thin air is not the work of isolated dream-makers. These three dream-makers have access to high-dimensional dark universe energy from the Dark DragonCapsule Riders, which requires thousands of thought-forms to stimulate through a quantum matrix. A foe with such systematic organizational capabilities and yet undiscovered is unlikely to be independent DragonCapsule Riders scattered around the world... Such abilities will greatly change the current global balance of power and pose a great threat to China's strategic security. I urge the administration to deploy 'Nvwa' to assist in more analysis."