Fuji 1 (2031)

A female officer of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, Yuka Ishihara, accidentally activated a buried Dragon Capsule (code-named Fuji 1) under Mount Fuji and briefly opened the dark matter engine and super-gravity space. This triggered secondary geological disasters that led to the sinking of Japan, but also allowed the Japanese government to see the powerful technological and military potential of the DragonCapsule relics.

The military leadership believed that Fuji 1 was a key part of Japan's national revival plan. Through research and debugging of Fuji 1, the Japanese military gradually understood some of the functions and potential of the Dragon Capsule.

Japan accelerated the exploration and excavation of Dragon Capsule relics around the world and has already discovered more than 50 Dragon Capsule relic sites globally. Japan is prepared to gradually conduct activation experiments to further gain control over the Dragon Capsule relic resources.

The internal code name for Japan's military Dragon Capsule excavation and research program is "Mount Fuji."