Orgin of DragonCapsule

Origin of DragonCapsule

In the 1.98 million years of the Cosmic Gamma Era , the Divine Dragon civilization was defeated in the multi-dimensional parallel universe war, and the Divine Dragon Realm Continent fell.

A superluminal curvature spacecraft carrying the bloodline of the Divine Dragon family escaped the two-dimensional battlefield, and together with the 10,000 DragonCapsules on the spacecraft, it accidentally crashed into the solar system.

The 10,000 DragonCapsules were scattered around the world with the crash of the spacecraft.

DragonCapsule is a premier digital collection of 10,000 unique DragonCapsule NFTs, inspired by the eponymous novel, and distributed across the Ethereum (5,200 NFTs) and Bitcoin (4,800 NFTs) blockchain networks,

As the first Web3 Metaverse Sci-fi IP globally, it embraces the theme of dragon culture within a multi-dimensional universe and places a strong emphasis on the natural environment and ecological conservation as core elements. Furthermore, the pioneering collection exemplifies a cross-chain digital collectible that have Metaverse Intellectual Property (MetaIP) .

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