Ignite Europe (2054)

In 2054, global food production experienced a sharp decline, and an increasing number of national research institutions discovered the "water cancer" microbe in their natural water systems. Water cancer had spread globally through rainfall and monsoons, contaminating river systems and oceans.

Major countries around the world demanded a thorough investigation into the matter and launched a condemnation of the United States at the United Nations. The UN held a global conference on food crisis response, calling for a focus on addressing the immediate problem before conducting further investigations.

However, the Western media machine directed global media and public opinion towards China and Russia, accusing them of launching a biological warfare campaign and joining with the Western camp to impose comprehensive sanctions against China and Russia.

China and Russia were forced to join forces for the first time in the food crisis, forming the International Alliance for Food Crisis Response to counter sanctions and work together to overcome the crisis and assist the global population.

The large-scale reduction in food production led to war and conflict around the world, with NATO forces stationed in Europe, and Ukraine's share distribution of the food export becoming the trigger for conflict. The crisis escalated and sparked internal conflicts in European countries, leading to the spread of the crisis and the outbreak of war.