World War Three(2055)

In 2055, Russia launched an initiative to demand global compensation from the United States for the loss of water cancer.and tensions escalated between Russia and the United States in Europe. Both Russia and the United States claim to be ready for a nuclear war. Europe has once again become a global powder keg. The food crisis Simultaneously with the energy crisis.
In a critical moment, the Chinese government launched a peace mediation initiative in the United Nations and adopted a proposal put forward by Heaven Island, using Paradise Island's surreal metaverse technology and powerful global biological brain matrix to simulate and find the best solution to the crisis.
The countries reached a consensus on legislation to simulate crisis solutions in the Heaven Island metaverse, including unconventional methods such as nuclear war simulations. Heaven Island became a twin digital earth virtual battlefield, and the simulation solution deduction period was set at 50 years.
In 2057, the global governments participated in the first crisis simulation in the twin digital earth of Heaven Island. This was 50 years of chaos and disorder in the virtual space: "water cancer, hunger, war, accidental outbreak of nuclear war, global nuclear winter, nearly extinction of humanity after 20 years..."
Everything unfolded as quickly as it did in reality, and 50 years of evolution were completed in just 30 days in the twin digital earth
The participating politicians was shaked deeply and personally experienced everything. Returning to reality was like being reborn after a disaster. Perhaps they could no longer distinguish which world was real, and they could not predict the terrifying future of dream maker technology. No one knew what had happened in those 30 days (50 years in metaverse), but the only thing that was certain was that it was a step that all participating countries could not refuse.
Finally, the World War Three of humanity, and the World War First in metaverse , ended perfectly in the twin digital earth.
Through the DragonCapsule virtual extraterrestrial technology of Heaven Island, global politicians personally experienced the devastating consequences of nuclear war , and give them an out to reacheh ceasefire agreement in the real world. Humanity endured the chaos and gradually emerged from the crisis.
In 2059, the world entered a new stage of technological development and ushered in an era of peace.