Gentle Night (2148)

The Cenozoic glacial deposits of the Antarctic Continent have a 2,000-meter-thick ice sheet on top of it. There is a huge space in front of the eyes, and there is a long giant space like an airport under the ice sheet. The space is more than 6 kilometers long and 1-2 kilometers wide, the ground is covered with large circular hexagonal life support capsules, which look like large and small round spots on the wings of a butterfly from a distance, and the scale is astonishing.
In the dimensional membrane space of the superstring universe, the powerful ideas of Fuji 1 Ishihara Yagari and Fuji 2 Black Dragon to revival the dragon clan infected Nvsnail strongly. As a bright magic dragon, Nvwa is so vulnerable at this moment in front of the interests of the tribe people. In the time pasture beneath the glacier, a quantum matrix of 100,000 human thought entities forms is converging, forming a huge dark universe energy field vortex. The energy field awaits Nvwa's activation and will release a wave of dark universe energy that will sweep across the globe in an instant, completely controlling humanity and becoming the stepping stone for the rise of the divine Dragon race.
Emotions - the most basic element of human beings and the most precious gift that the earth bestows on the DragonCapsule symbiote.
One year later, Nvwa finally woke up, and she has made the final choice...