Black and White (2095)

From 2060 to 2095, research on extraterrestrial relic technology driven by DragonCapsule made great strides. Top experts in various fields around the world collaborated across spatial dimensions through the fully-realistic metaverse to simulate and develop solutions to problems such as water cancer, achieving good progress and allowing for significant restoration of the global ecosystem.
As metaverse technology developed, more and more countries chose to implement the Three Principles of the Metaverse and establish metaverse high frontiers, imposing relevant restrictions on Heaven Island's free metaverse.
Countries such as Singapore, Japan, and Russia chose to vigorously develop metaverse technology and establish metaverse special zones, allowing humans who chose to live in these zones unlimited access to Heaven Island's metaverse, even including the dark metaverse.
At this point, and the metaverse world already has its light and dark sides. the dark side of the virtual space is growing quietly...