Metaverse flourishes (2100)

Entering the year 2100, with the full maturity of fully-realistic metaverse technology represented by Heaven Island, the world entered a prosperous period of the metaverse.
The Earth's metaverse has countless different regions and parallel worlds, each of which must comply with the legal norms of the local government and inform players of the corresponding rules. These metaverse adhere to a unified standard interface and protocol, even ancient systems such as SandBox have Bridge Protocol leading to the main world.
The main types of metaverse are:
Digital Twin Metaverse: A digital copy of the Earth where everything strictly follows the physical and legal systems of the Earth, and is even a 1:1 reference. This can be understood as an eternal digital Earth, where all skills and characters can be inherited and brought to any metaverse.
Magic Parallel Metaverse: A virtual world for gaming players where there is no need to follow the physical laws of the Earth. Here, you can become a magical monster with infinite magic power. This world cannot be inherited.
Sci-Fi Parallel Metaverse: Strictly following the laws of science, but many scientific laws may be yet to be achieved. Therefore, this can be seen as a sci-fi metaverse with all kinds of imagination about the future. The world of the future metaverse cannot be inherited.
Historical Parallel Metaverse: Simulates the generation of multiple historical eras in the metaverse, where each parallel metaverse must comply with all restrictions and rules of the corresponding historicalera. You can choose which era of metaverse to go to. Historical parallel worlds cannot be inherited.
Dark Metaverse: A decentralized public domain metaverse without rules that does not follow the Three Principles of the Metaverse, even having digital wormholes connecting all parallel metaverse. Here, countless incredible new applications happen, but also hides countless darkness and crime, where evil and justice coexist. Heaven Island is one of the largest third-party operating nodes of the public domain metaverse. The dark metaverse is parasitic in and hidden within the complex map of the public domain metaverse.
In the dark metaverse, people cannot distinguish between virtual and real, and the map of the dark metaverse continues to expand with the development of the public domain metaverse, surpassing the digital twin metaverse and becoming one of the largest fully-realistic metaverse in the world.