Withering Europe (2025)

As a result of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a technological Iron Curtain fell over Europe, becoming a watershed in the development of the East and West's technological trees, and the process of globalization was thoroughly disrupted.

In Japan, the N2 hydrogen metal bomb was tested on the Northern Four Islands, aimed at Russia.

Ukraine's Azov Battalion launched another offensive, detonating a hydrogen dirty bomb in Berlin, dragging Europe into a German-Russian conflict. The right-wing leadership in Germany openly advocated rearmament and pushed NATO into a direct confrontation with Russia.

Unexpectedly, this time Russia did not engage in any negotiations or concessions, but directly launched a war to recapture Ukraine and quickly advanced into Germany, neutralizing Germany's new armed forces. Germany was defeated, and its interim government went into exile in the United States.

Russia voluntarily withdrew from the occupied areas of Germany and engaged in peaceful negotiations with NATO. Russia's strategic intention was to prevent Europe from becoming an anti-Russian fortress, and after teaching Europe a lesson, it withdrew.

However, by this time, the economy of the European continent had already declined and media called Withering Europe.