A Resurgence Of Waves (2045)

The Japan Disaster Provisional Government has been planning to rebuild the country and searching for suitable areas around the world.

In 2045, Japan proposed to the United Nations to rebuild the country in the Fujian region of China and requested the support of the Chinese government. and agreed to divide the Fujian region as an autonomous territory for post-disaster reconstruction and to promote the implementation fully through the United Nations.

The following year, the Chinese government submitted a proposal for post-disaster distributed migration and launched a reconstruction initiative, inviting major countries such as Australia, India, the United States, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, and Brazil to join Japan's permanent immigrant reconstruction plan.

If China's proposal is approved by the United Nations vote, Japanese immigrants will become the first group of global citizens to have United Nations nationality.

However, the Japan Disaster Provisional Government objected to the proposal and pointed out that the distributed migration plan would lead to the removal of Japan's national identity.