Quiet Storm(2146)

Nvwa has made a preliminary judgment that the wormhole incident utilized quantum matrices and dark universe energy. From the wormhole, Nvwa can sense the high-dimensional string universe vibrations of the quantum robot dragon and the dark skull dragon.

As a priestess of the light magic dragon, Nvwa has the ability to communicate with the DragonCapsules that employ dark universe energy and can establish connections in the brane space of the superstring universe.

In the basement of the CNSA center, Nvwa's eyes are tightly closed as she floats silently in the control room of the DragonCapsule symbiote rider . She has been in the superstring universe for half a month without any signs of waking up.

Li Mei watches her silently, and at some point, a crystal tear forms at the corner of Nvwa's eye.

What is she experiencing in the high-dimensional string universe...!!!