Revival in the Metaverse (2145)

In the 2140s, Japan, Russia, and Singapore have become the most technologically advanced countries in developing the metaverse. Japan is one of the extraordinary and special existences case, the concept of which geographical nation no longer exists. The Japanese people are distributed across nine major settlements worldwide and were among the first to massively immigrate to the metaverse and become the first group of Earthlings to hold United Nations citizenship.

The absence of traditional national territories has made the identity of the Japanese people more open, and they hold UN citizenship recognized by multiple countries. They have also gained the right to travel without visas and priority for settlement applications in major countries worldwide. Despite the unfortunate loss of their homeland, the Japanese people have become the first group of free Earthlings and possess a global advantage in developing metaverse technology.

The Japanese independent settlement in Antarctica, the Mount Fuji plan headquarters, is where the Japanese military is rapidly developing virtual military applications for Dragon Capsules under the leadership of people like Ishihara Yagari. This includes the "Revival in the Metaverse" plan.

The " Metaverse Revival" plan is a fanatical initiative that aims to push the digital twin of the Earth towards a decentralized public metaverse over the next hundred years, remove the restrictions of the "Three Principles of Metaverse”, bring 99% of the Earth's population into the true metaverse, and achieve a comprehensive revival of "Metaverse Japan."

From this perspective, both Satoshi and his "Time Compression Theory"may have originated from a secret plan by the Japanese military.