Eve (2912)

More than 500 years have passed, and human beings have changed their living forms.
Highly developed AI and CyberSpace technology has allowed more and more people to live in the metaverse.
Over 98% of the human population now lives in the metaverse, and they are awakened in the real world for less than one-tenth of the year. Most of the reasons for awakening are for serving criminal sentences, retro tourism, or romantic couples seeking primitive sexual experiences.
The remaining 1% of humans are mostly metaverse basic service personnel who are responsible for traditional cultural experiences in the Real World. They work in areas such as critical energy production, traditional food production, traditional tourism, and traditional medicine (such as traditional Chinese medicine). However, even these jobs are increasingly being replaced by machines.
There are also 0.5% of humans who are the naturalist , also known as the Starry Sky Faction. They believe that humans should remain in their natural form and should explore the universe. Many naturalists are elites in the traditional sense and hide in the metaverse, but they insist on not replacing their main bodies.
The development of semi-biological and mechanical technology brought by the quantum robot dragon has led to rapid evolution towards semi-organic biotics. Carbon-based and semi-biological mechanical cyborgs have emerged, and the human brain remains irreplaceable. The longest recorded human lifespan has reached over 300 years.
The symbiotes are lurking among the 0.5% of the Starry SkyFaction, and they have long since become immortal.