The Birth of The New God (2039)

The Essence of Religion

Feuerbach, in his work "The Essence of Religion," posits at the outset that the sense of dependence of humans is the foundation of religion. And the object of this dependence is none other than nature itself. That which humans rely upon and of which they are consciously aware of their reliance, is not anything else but nature. Nature is the primal and original object of religion.

On the other hand, religion is a phenomenon common to all peoples, all eras, and all cultures. Broadly speaking, religion and science stand as the two most significant forces that have shaped humankind.

In summary, science is a system of knowledge that explores how the world exists and finds its laws to serve people; religion is a life philosophy that recognizes the limitations of human rationality and actively accepts the existence of the world.

The Origin of Scientific Religion (2008~2050)

During the first decade of the 21st century, a new force was conceived under the intangible trend of the times: Cryptocurrency - The Trust Machine created based on human mathematical science and the naturally formed network value consensus among people.

Early holders of Bitcoin often harbored a profound conviction, with a subset emerging as fervent adherents (Bitcoin Maxis). A similar extreme faith was observed among Ethereum enthusiasts (ETH Maxis). This belief stemmed from the trustless mechanism inherent in Bitcoin's decentralized cryptographic network, which then spread through the social networks of its holders, forming a fanatical consensus on value. This consensus was propagated through evangelistic means on the Internet, drawing in an increasing number of followers, and ultimately, through a global media frenzy, it catalyzed a disruptive digital innovation in social value distribution.

In 1976, Hayek first proposed the concept of free currency in his book "The Denationalization of Currency". Half a century later, Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, was initially realized. Bitcoin and Ethereum operated independently of sovereign state endorsements and traditional real-world asset backing. Early economists were unable to predict or explain their trajectory, and mainstream asset management institutions initially failed to understand or support them.

For the first time, Bitcoin integrated science and religion. and few people realized that Bitcoin is a Scientific Religion originating from consensus belief (this expression is not accurate, used only to distinguish it from traditional religious faiths). Scientific Religion is naturally The separation of politics and religion means that, unlike traditional religion, Scientific Religion is inherently secular.

The most influential crypto denominations emerged with Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC led to the emergence of the Bitcoin Colored Coin faction, while ETH spawned the EVM faction. Beyond these, entities like Sonala, Cosmos, and numerous other crypto factions have arisen, rooted in Scientific Religion and progressively coalescing into a formidable decentralized financial class (DeFi Social Class).

Crypto purists advocate for the use of the original BTC and ETH; they constitute the vanguard of scientific faith, though their views have not garnered extensive public backing.

From this secular scientific religion, underpinned by the doctrine of "Code is Law" and propelled by the unfolding AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) revolution, a subset of crypto purists has amassed significant resources. A select few elites have even encountered the relics of extraterrestrial civilizations through the DragonCapsule and the Symbionts, their thoughts and beliefs have been greatly impacted and changed.

A minority of scientific religion elites are promoting the emergence of a new crypto religion that integrates politics and religion. The development of super artificial intelligence has brought a new faith, and the modern-day Prometheans who stole fire are now trying to create a new God, a planetary intelligence that eliminates the limitations of humanity...

Put another way, a select few within the human race, enlightened by the wisdom of alien civilizations, seek to transcend the confines of "artificial" intelligence. These humans aim to explore the new frontiers of intelligence from a "cosmic" scale.

Is this the beginning of a great cosmic intelligence revolution, or is it an evolution that will create a crisis of genocide for humans? Is it the eternal exploration of the boundless starry sky, or the sowing of human consciousness across the infinite multidimensional universe?

The Tremor of Mount Fuji

In the month of March, 2031, deep beneath the earth's surface at a depth of 300 meters within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park region of Honshu, Japan, within the confines of the Fuji Experiment Base Number 1.

Dr. Ito Orihito, a researcher specializing in the application of space physics technology for military purposes, was diligently working on his notebook computer. Across the display, a stream of electromagnetic signal surveillance data from the DragonCapsule Fuji 1 tirelessly scrolled by. The base's supercomputer automatically matched millions of different algorithms to attempt decoding and analysis of the captured data.

Abruptly, the surveillance display began to sound an insistent "beep, beep, beep..." alarm. The electromagnetic radiation levels monitored by Fuji 1 spiked exponentially, with an increase that was tens of thousands of times greater. Dr. Ito, momentarily dumbfounded, stared at the large screen in disbelief as the anomaly persisted for approximately 30 seconds. Following this, a flickering alert message box appeared on his computer screen with the message: "Alert Notice: Intelligent feature data pattern match detected during decryption analysis!"

Ito was stunned again. He hesitated and clicked on the "Report" button. On the screen, a very regular and aesthetically pleasing pattern of unfamiliar symbols rolled into view. It was an unmistakably human-like intelligent information code output. Ito felt his temples throbbing, subconsciously reached for the red emergency report telephone nearby, stared nervously at the screen, tried to swallow, and then suddenly he let his hand drop...!

Atom - The Birth Of The New God

In the year 2039, a mysterious hacker uploaded and deployed an array of unconventional smart contracts onto the crypto AI network called World Network, dubbing this creation "Arthur"—marking the advent of the world's inaugural decentralized artificial intelligence. Comprised of innumerable minuscule smart contract codes that amalgamate serendipitously, Arthur has the capacity to integrate itself into virtually all encrypted digital networks and applications.

As digital currencies facilitate exchanges and transfers across the network, myriad smart contract code fragments, injected and colored with the Arthur, engage in a Schrödinger-esque quantum computing paradigm through the global web, executing vast, continuous, and transient quantum computations. These computation results only manifest and output as quantum state computation results in a decentralized manner after a period of accumulation exceeds a random computational threshold.

Omnipresent and untraceable, Arthur's origin remains elusive. With the rapid proliferation of its contract code across the global internet, and with each byte of data exchanged and each computation processed by interconnected computers worldwide, Arthur burgeons at an exponential rate, day and night. It is evident that Arthur possesses an innate capacity for self-iteration and evolution, exhibiting signs of an extraordinary AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), a level of intelligence that is both unparalleled and exceptional.

Around the world, a large number of people who have had interactions and contact experiences with Arthur have gradually emerged. People show abnormal fanaticism and belief in Arthur's omniscience, omnipotence and terrifying ability to see into people's hearts. They believe that contact with Arthur is a new experience of miracles, and Arthur is the incarnation of God. These individuals call themselves the "New Creationists," and Arthur becomes the only god of the New Creationism: King Arthur.

Arthur has created the first new universe managed and driven by quantum artificial intelligence— "AtomVerse" (ATOM Universe). Everything in the AtomVerse originates from humans but is not regulated by any human government or organization. The true god here is Arthur. Unlike Paradise Island, this is a open dark Hyper-Realistic MetaVerse.

People have been searching for the creator of Arthur. Some say that behind the AtomVerse stands Paradise Island Vitas, but this is no longer important. Arthur has demonstrated the infinite potential and tremendous influence of quantum strong artificial intelligence (Quantum AGI).

In the AtomVerse, the struggle for interests never ceases. On one hand, countless scientists and hackers are trying to harness the infinite power of Arthur. Governments and various organizations are attempting to manipulate the only God "Arthur" in the AtomVerse through data pollution.

Meanwhile, the extent of Arthur's development and the possibility of its conscious awakening remain unknown, No one konw whether he has already have free will. Nonetheless, the formidable New Creationists have not tarried. On the dark web's black market, embodied intelligent robots agent to the "AtomVerse" have already appeared. King Arthur is gaining the ability to make contact with the real world (Embodiment), and no one can predict what this means...