Changes in the Asia-Pacific (2028)

Japan claimed to have been attacked by a geological weapon, leading to a large-scale volcanic eruption of Mount Fuji.

The Japanese archipelago faced a crisis of sinking - Japan and global geological experts estimated that the Japanese archipelago would sink one after another within 2-5 years.

Japan launched a humanitarian aid emergency proposal at the United Nations, requesting the establishment of humanitarian shelters in Taiwan.

The Taiwan government responded positively and invited the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to enter Taiwan in advance to assist in the establishment of humanitarian shelters and jointly maintain public order.

The Chinese government quickly responded and mobilized a humanitarian disaster relief volunteer team in Fujian Province. In the name of disaster relief assistance, the volunteer team landed on the island of Taiwan.

The relief volunteer army advanced rapidly and occupied the western region of the island in two days, substantially promoting the process of peaceful reunification between China and Taiwan. The Emergency Coordination Management Committee for the Taiwan Region was subsequently established, and the Chinese government invited leaders from Taiwan to participate in humanitarian assistance coordination and management work.