The Rise of Extraterrestrial Relics

The appearance and invisibility of the Phantom of the Gulf, the activation of the dark matter engine, stimulated the shock wave of the same-string dark matter universe.
Above the Golden Summit of Emei, the legendary Shu-Mountain suddenly appeared. Nine immortal mountains surround a giant peak in the center, more than 2,000 meters high.
Looking up from the Golden Summit, it looks like a fairyland.
Everyone who saw this scene was stunned, and their faces were full of enthusiasm and excitement.
"This is Shu-Mountain ?"
"My God... Is there really Shu-Mountain in the world?"
At the Golden Summit of Emei, countless tourists shouted wildly, and everyone took out their mobile phones to take pictures of the shocking fairy mountain above the clouds.
In an instant, under the powerful action of the dark matter engine, Shu-Mountain disappeared into the dark matter parallel universe in the blink of an eye, but the short moment when Shu-Mountain appeared, a hole appeared in the atmosphere, which was photographed by the reconnaissance satellites of many countries in space. In one scene, Shu-Mountain can no longer be hidden, and it will inevitably attract the attention of all parties around the world.
On the same day, a mysterious report of unknown origin was sent to the CNSA Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Center of the China National Space Administration and was quickly notified to the Special Intelligence Processing Center of the National Security Administration, together with the representatives of the Central Military Commission, Admiral White Brow immediately started a special situation analysis meeting.
This intelligence has broken the earth’s peace that has been imagined for a long time, and exposed the shocking situation of the competitive intelligence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Signs of extraterrestrial civilization relics have been showing up frequently around the world, including the sea-wave-head,the Mount Shu-mountain in the golden summit of Emei, the giant UFO at Area 51...
According to the statistics of this intelligence, NASA and the CIA in the United States have collected and identified more than 600 highly suspected extraterrestrial cThe intelligence also shows that more than 10 countries around the world, including Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Finland, are also establishing different forms of research institutions with national power to study and excavate the relics of extraterrestrial civilizations. Countries with similar U.S. Extraterrestrial host programs include at least Japan, Russia, Australia, and other countries.
The most shocking thing is that accurate information on China's top-secret plans is also included in this intelligence statistics list. China's ability to explore and reserve extraterrestrial civilizations ranks after the United States. Currently, more than 500 extraterrestrial civilization relics have been collected and locked. and precisely pointed out that the official code name of the Chinese Extraterrestrial Civilization Contact Talent Training Program is [Fengshen Bang].
The intelligence clearly informs that the existence and strategic potential of the extraterrestrial civilization relic cube has been clearly confirmed by some countries. The extraterrestrial civilization relic cube (DragonCapsule) is becoming a strategic resource that countries are vying for, and this information will be delivered to the offices of global heads of state and defense ministers.
An unprecedented storm of the evolution of Earth civilization has quietly kicked off...