Phantom of the Persian Gulf

In June 2024, when the war in the Persian Gulf was looming, the "Daily Photo" released by NASA recently caused a topic of global public opinion. This photo was taken by an astronomer on the Gulf of Wave a few days ago, but the scene is "the horns of the red devil". Some experts clarified that it was caused by a solar eclipse.
海浪头本体(SEA HEAD DC)登陆波斯湾
A day ago, NASA, the FBI, and the China National Space Administration CNSA all received news from reliable sources that the DC sea-wave-head activated by an unknown force was detected in the deep sea of the Indian Ocean, and it was moving in the direction of the Persian Gulf.
The shape of the DC sea-wave-head slowly emerges from the wave bay, and the huge swell swept the sea surface. A giant cube-like black hill emerged from the sea. In a blink of an eye, the main body of the sea-wave-head gradually became translucent and then gradually disappeared, and the double corners turned into the red devil horns scene in the Persian Gulf.