Falls To Earth (1.98 million years of the Gamma period)

The Million-Year-Old Aliens
After 10,000 dragon capsules fell to the earth, they were buried deep in the earth
The "Giant DragonCapsule", which looks like a Cube, has experienced a long crustal movement and slowly broke through to the ground. The top of the dragon that has been exposed on the surface is gradually integrated with the natural environment of the earth.
When the earth's environment is destroyed by humans or alien civilizations, the activated symbiont DC can help human beings to guard the earth together. In times of peace, they use their own power to balance the five elements of the earth and protect the earth's resources. There are also villains in the DCS. The purpose is to colonize the ball to rebuild the dragon civilization.
There have been disputes within the DC race for millions of years, but because they have not been activated to become a complete symbiont DC, their abilities are very limited, and humans have not noticed it.
Sleeping DC has been waiting for humans to discover so that they have the opportunity to transform into a complete symbiont DC form and this transformation requires finding suitable human beings to activate and achieve the perfect fusion